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Monday, 7 November 2011

Glossop Talk 5 - Frosted opens in the centre of Glossop.

Welcome again to Glossop Talk, today I'm having a brief chat with Amy Anderson who has just opened up a brand new over 25 wine bar and coffee shop in the centre of glossop (next to sandra's flower shop) called Frosted. It looks fantastic and they serve great coffee and red wine, as I found out during our talk.
If you would like more information on this new Wine bar click here 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Glossop Talk 4 - Something is Sprouting up in Glossop.

An idea has sprouted out in Glossop. That Idea is to clear unloved patches of land of it's empty drinks containers and cigarette packets and replace it with beautiful, productive gardens with fruit and vegetables for the community. Incredible Edible has come to our small town and we find the skinny on this new movement by talking to Ronny Worsley about bringing this idea to fruition. 

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Glossop Talk 3 - Easy Riders

The Staff at GlossopTalk were up early this morning, becasue we were out watching the Bikes get ready for the "Wheels for Heros" biker rally to raise funds for the British Legion. There were some amazing hogs on show and fun was had by all.

The Rally sparks off the launch of this year's 90th celebration of The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, they were travelling from Glossop over to Matlock to raise money.  And remember if you wish to donate to this cause Click Here

Here's is some footage of some of the Royal British Legion Riders, who were out in full force and good spirits, setting off for their hour long journey. They are hoping to make this trip and annual event.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Glossop Talk 2 - George Street Blues

Hello, one and all. Another week has passed and we have some more Glossop Talk for you!!!!

 This week we have a multi-media extravaganza in the guise of a Audio piece about un-adopted Roads and unclaimed land...specifically the preservation of public access and wildlife of George Street wood. This is an interesting piece that gets right to the heart of Glossop.

We talk to the Friends of George Street wood Chairman Andy Hancock, Councillors George and Jean Wharmby and hope to gain incite in what's going on with all this un-adopted and unclaimed land.
 If you wish to help or need anymore information about Friends of George Street Woods please contact them at georgestreetwoods@hotmail.co.uk

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Have you got the skinny on any news?

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Monday, 26 September 2011

Glossop Talk 1 - A Civic Occasion

Hello all you Glossopians out there, today's blog is to document the Civic Service that took place yesterday in The Parish Church of All Saints in Old Glossop. The question on is why should you be bothered about it? Well...

This wasn't just the first Civic service held at the Glossop Parish Church, but Councillor George Wharmby is the first Glossop councillor to become Chairman.

The Parish Church is one of the oldest churches in Glossop; there has been a Church on the site for over 850 years. The current incarnation was built in 1914 around its tower; which was built in 1853. 
The sun broke out amongst the rain clouds as a large crowed gathered outside the church included High Sheriff David Coke-steel, Andrew Bingham MP for High Peak and all the Mayors and Chairmen of the districts of Derbyshire. After a 15-minuet delay, the procession, which included Lord Lieutenant William Tucker began.

The service was for the Glossop Born Councillor George David Wharmby who has recently been inducted as the Chairman of Derbyshire County Council. It was conducted by The Reverend Helen Stubbs and included Bible Readings from one of Glossop’s great actors Garard Riley and Mr Wharmby's two sons were emotive.

Sadly the ex-member of parliament and soon to be strictly come dancing star, Edwina Curry could not attend due to the shows rehearsal schedule. However the highlight of the event was professional soloist Katie Jane Innes singing a passion filled rendition of ‘Ave Marie’ with accompaniment from organist Jack Pickford.

Councillor Wharmby then invited guests to refreshment at nearby Duke of Norfolk School Hall in which he made a poignant about his tims at the school and thanked all that attended.

The Chairman’s Consort, Councillor Jean Wharmby is quoted as saying  “It Is Great to see so many local people and civic dignitaries and a fantastic job was done by the army cadets, choir and Brass Ensemble from the Dark Peak Music Centre.”

Check back next week for more Glossop Talk.

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Everyone Loves Glossop!

Hello one and all! Have you heard the news? Glossop has it's own blog! Yes, SK13 is now has a Weekly Online News Source. Ahh it's windy and rain filled streets, fantastic culture and local events; I will be covering it all. I have had a love for the gateway to the dark peak from an early age and now I shall be bringing you some of its best moments.
Once the land of the Howard family and originally called Glossopdale; she's been here since 1086, in one form or another, and she just keeps getting bigger! I have a theory that popular culture wouldn't have been the same without dear old Glossop.
The case in point! The whole punk movement, which had a lasting effect on a lot of artists and musicians, would be a shade duller without the birth of 'Tintwisle' lass Dame Vivienne Westwood.

Anti-fashion just wouldn't have carried to the extent it did and none of those cheeky punks would have wore bondage pants and safety pins! L.S Lowry, Shaun Rider and his Bez also choose glossop and the surrounding area for their homes.

For all you purveyors of top shelf material, you wouldn't have Razzle or Mayfair if it weren’t for Glossop lad and billionaire pornographer, Paul Raymond. Even The Producer and co-creator of BBC’s Top Gear, Andy Wilman, was born in this very town!

Glossop needs documenting, and this blog will set itself the task to sift through all the news, facts and gossip to bring you the very best in Glossop Talk.

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